‘Never doing the same thing once’

this is what we do.

Print media

Tactile, Durable, Adaptable, long shelf life, personalised, targeted, varied, beautiful can all describe printing. Even though we live in a digital world it is not the case whether it should be Digital or Print, but that it should be both. Print is an incredibly powerful medium to get a message across and we have seen no overall decline, we have just seen a change.

Probably more than any printed item, your brochure sets the tone for the image your business portrays. We offer various sizes, advise on the stocks to use and the finishing touches like digital embossing, foil blocking, die cutting, debossing/embossing and Laminating.

Do you want your clients to have a hard copy of what you supply? If yes let us design and print your catalogue with a digital version for your website.

Need a message to get to your prospective clients then leaflets are ideal, especially for exhibitions. From 50 to 50,000 we can source the printing for you also.

Business cards, letterheads, folders, envelopes all need your branding to follow through and we can give you that extra impact with foil blocking, digital embossing, die cutting and duplexing/triplexing.

Get these right and you will see turnover shoot up. We have printed hundreds over the years and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advising.

A booming part of the marketing mix and we offer vinyl banners, roller banners, exhibition stands, flags, signage, wallpaper.

We know how important your branding is so let us create your adverts whether for print or digital media.

We can take actual photographs or digital images and work our magic on them to enhance or alter them.


Branding is a set of associations that someone makes with a company, product, service, individual or organisation. Good design will generate positive associations with your brand making it more desirable and help you stand out from your competitors. We will help you by looking at colours, fonts, shapes and find out whether you want to, for example portray soft/fun or hard/corporate images.

You will then want this incorporated into your website, printed media, social media, signage which we will do for you.

We design brand identity for new businesses but also work with established brands to alter an existing design or to create a completely new brand identity.

Logo revolution or evolution – we do both. We can create from scratch or we can take a current logo and update it to reflect your evolving business.

It is not just your logo but encompasses all aspects of your business including signage, print media, packaging and advertising - all ensuring your company speaks with a consistent 'voice'.

Basically these are the rules that you need to follow so there is consistency throughout the whole business which means your brand stands out from the competition. These will include the colour and font guides, and correct logo usage.


OK let’s take it for read that an on-line presence is crucial for all businesses, so what will make a good website stand out? We don’t use templates because a template website looks like, well, a … template website - we give your website a bespoke design that will stand out in your industry.

The good news is that there are so many poorly designed websites out there we are confident that your website will do what you want it to - convert your visitors into leads and loyal consumers.

As a client, what will you want your website to do? There are only 2 answers to this – raise your profile or increase your turnover and we always bear this in mind when designing. It all goes back to We Meet, We Listen, We Talk, We Quote, We Create and We make you Happy.

‘Never doing the same thing once’ is what we live by and none more so when it comes to web design. As a web design agency in Devon we will work closely with you to create an on-line presence that reflects your business.

One third of us and over half of under 35’s view websites using their mobiles or tablets. You absolutely need to cover all bases and your website needs to be compatible across devices and not just optimised for desktops. At Cobalt Creative based in Devon we are able to ensure that the correct optimisation is achieved and give advice when new products and trends come into the market.

As a client you may need to add or manage content on your website but do not possess the technical knowledge to build a website. We can design your website with this in mind and take you through the procedure for altering the content. This is very important for SEO as regulary content updates can push you up the rankings.

Digital Marketing

Digital is all around us and it’s increasing as we enter the era of the 'Internet Of Things'. There are multiple touch points where you can reach your target audience. From websites, online shops, apps, social media, search engines, emails, content, online advertising and much more, you can engage with your consumers at different levels enticing them down the funnel of conversion into becoming your valuable lead or customer.

We have a holistic view of digital and can help you thrive online with the latest and greatest strategies and techniques keeping your consumer in focus at all times. We can help you to understand, plan, strategise, design, implement, deploy, support and maintain your customised digital strategy, which works for your business.

Our wide range of Digital Marketing Services can help attract more visitors to your sites and more importantly convert them into consumers. We can improve your brand awareness and exposure so your business can thrive online. We can help you get the ROI that you’re after.

We can create a fantastic website for you, but you need people to find you. Good SEO will move you up the rankings but many web designers lack these skills. We have a dedicated team whose job is just SEO and are in-tune with the constantly changing rules and trends

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat can be used to identify business opportunities, get insight into prospects, earn engagements and deepen relationships. We can provide a completely managed social media service to promote your business, attract and engage with more consumers.

When planned and executed properly, PPC campaigns such as Google Adwords can drastically improve your business exposure and reach consumers at different points in the consumption lifecycle. Capturing a potential customer’s attention at the right time can attract more targeted leads.

Instead of pushing interruptive messages OUT to clients, it can be more productive to engage prospects and pull them IN to your business. Help prospects to get to know, like and trust your business – building comfort until they are ready to convert to being a customer. We can help you create a bespoke inbound marketing strategy that works for your business.

Reach your website visitors with fresh messages tailored just for them after they leave your site. It’s a powerful way to continue the conversation you began with them on your site in the hope that they will return and make a purchase or become a lead.

An effective marketing tool which when executed well can reach a wide audience to market your brand and information. We are very experienced at producing high quality email campaigns to successfully reach a wide audience across desktop and mobile.